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Mayor of Irvington NJ Avatar
Mayor of Irvington NJ
Created by nmayorofiriving on Jun, 10 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: Municipal Building 1 Civic Square, Irvington, NJ 07111 Phone: (973) 399-8111 Tony Vauss, the Mayor of Irvington NJ, is a lifelong resident of the township and has a long history of public service having started as a campaign volunteer at the age of 15. Prior to becoming the Mayor of Irvington NJ, Vauss served as Assistant Director of the Township’s Housing Department, President of its Board of Education, and Commissioner for its Housing Authority. His motto “One Team, One Dream” promotes cooperation and understanding. He achieves this goal by working with leaders of other communities to build lasting relationships and providing hands-on leadership within the community- often attending public meetings in order to interact with citizens one-on-one. As Mayor of Irvington NJ, Tony Vauss is committed to ensuring the vitality, safety, and future of the township. # Mayor of Irvington NJ, # Government Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm Monday - Friday Twitter:

Seeman Holtz Complaints Avatar
Seeman Holtz Complaints
Created by seemanholtz1 on Jun, 8 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 301 East Yamato Rd #2250, Boca Raton, FL 33431 The extremely low number of Seeman Holtz complaints is a testament to the company’s unflinching commitment to customer support. Seeman Holtz has been beating industry averages for years when it comes to client satisfaction. The Seeman Holtz Complaints blog is intended to be a resource for agents looking to improve customer experience at their firm. Read about common pitfalls in the industry and what actions Seeman Holtz recommends for avoiding stress in the client relationship. # Seeman Holtz complaints, # Law LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook:

Benold Financial Planning Avatar
Benold Financial Planning
Created by benoldfinancialplanning on Jun, 2 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 130 N Preston Rd, Prosper, TX 75078 Phone: 817-235-6863 Everyone knows planning for the future is important. But for many people, getting started on their personal financial planning is a difficult process. We help you turn planning angst into confidence by establishing goals. At Benold Financial Planning, we will lay out a clear and strategic path to help fulfill your hopes and dreams. Contact us to ensure your family is at the center of your future financial plans.

Cars Protection Plus Avatar
Cars Protection Plus
Created by carprotetinplus on May, 31 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 4431 William Penn Hwy, Suite 1, Murrysville, PA 15668 Phone: (888) 335-6838 Cars Protection Plus makes all of your car servicing needs much easier. For over 20 years, our company has provided over 1.5 million protection plans to customers around the country. We currently operate in 34 states and 17,000 dealerships to help car owners receive service, repairs, and other needs they might have. Our Cars Protection Plus plans have a 200,000 mile acceptance limitation and allow you to pick where your car is serviced. We allow make sure your repairs are quickly approved and pride ourselves on having the quickest payment services in the automobile industry. Visit the Cars Protection Plus website to learn more about our protection plans that our customers find affordable and reliable. # Cars Protection Plus, # Car Service Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:00pm EST, Friday 8:30am-4:30pm EST Facebook: Twitter: